An eclectic collection of fine antique clocks to view and enjoy. They have been chosen for their beauty, originality and eccentric value. Having studied antique clocks since 1972, we specialize in an array of elegant antique clocks. They range from antique longcases from several countries around the world, the viennese wall regulators, and many fine English, Dutch, Austrian and French Clocks.  Of special interest are the antique musical bracket clocks, cathedral clocks, antique bronze figural clocks and Austrian vienna regulators.We strive to provide a treasury of innovative and beautiful clocks from different countries. Many examples include the ultimate in decorative metal work, silver and gilt cased clocks
and the beauty of natural figured woods.
Many clocks have complicated quality movements and this opens a whole new venue of antique clocks.
We enjoy sharing our knowledge of clocks and their beauty .

Irene Hartwick
Antiquarian Horologist
    TEL: 519 440 0417


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