Antique Clocks at Kildonan

Discover the elegance of antique clocks at Kildonan, each telling a unique story of craftsmanship and history.
About Antique Clocks at Kildonan
Our heritage home is filled with precious quality antique clocks of the 17th to 19th centuries. We sell antique European clocks, American clocks, and Canadian clocks. They include antique longcase clocks, bracket clocks, wall clocks, French and Austrian mantle clocks.
As members of the NAWCC since 1976, we have enjoyed collecting, clock restoration, dial and reverse glass painting. We have also participated in major Antique Exhibitions in Canada for sixteen years.

Our Collections

Explore a captivating assortment of meticulously curated antique clocks, each bearing its own unique story and charm.
Antique Clocks
Antique clocks, with their intricate designs and timeless allure, serve as cherished reminders of bygone eras and the craftsmanship of generations past.
Luxury Watches
Luxury watches, epitomizing elegance and precision engineering, stand as exquisite symbols of refined taste, uniqueness, and timeless sophistication.
Decorative Timepieces
Blending functionality with artistic flair adds a touch of charm and sophistication to any space, capturing both the essence of timekeeping and the beauty of design.

Global Horological Treasures: Our Diverse Collection of Innovative and Beautiful Clocks

We strive to provide a treasury of innovative and beautiful clocks from different countries. Many examples include the ultimate in decorative metal work, silver and gilt cased clocks and the beauty of natural figured woods. Many clocks have complicated quality movements and this opens a whole new venue of antique clocks. We enjoy sharing our knowledge of clocks and their beauty .

Our Servicing Methodology

We combine meticulous attention to detail with advanced techniques, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your cherished timepieces.
Reconstruction & Movement Testing
With our reconstruction and movement testing, we ensure your timepiece maintains its historical integrity and functions flawlessly for generations.
Ultrasonic Cleaning
We use ultrasonic cleaning technology to restore the luster of your timepiece, unveiling its inherent beauty while preserving its intricate details.
Deconstructing The Timepiece
Through careful deconstruction, we unveil the inner workings of each timepiece, allowing for its continued beauty and functionality for years to come.
Our polishing services breathe new life into your timepiece, restoring its brilliance and luster to perfection and leaving it gleaming for many years.

Explore The Collection

See-through our wide collection of watches to find a variety of beautiful items waiting for you to discover and enjoy.

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